TRX Workout

TRX is the new dumbbells, if you’re looking to get something new in your routine TRX routines have been growing rapidly in the past few years. Every exercise becomes a challenge making your workouts much more interesting and fun.

TRX relies on your own body weight and gravity to strengthens your muscles, and the beauty of TRX is that it drastically improves your balance and resistance.

Full Body TRX workout

• TRX Pushups

• Kneeling Triceps press

• Three-way row

• TRX Chest press

• Low Row

• Triceps extension

• TRX Inverted Row

• Single Arm row

• Atomic Pushup



• Improves Balance
• Improves Stability
• Improves Flexibility
• Builds strength
• Burns Fat

How can I help you get on track?

Step 1

Complete body and health assessment.

Step 2

Customized routines, to only suit your personalized experience to reach the required goal.

Step 3

Generating a schedule for one on one training to executing the program.


Stretch and Core

This class focuses on stretching each major muscle in groups, followed by activating movements to warm the muscle.

Fitness levels:

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Stretch and core benefits:

• Strengthens and develop the abdomen area
• Improving flexibility and stability