Weight loss routines

Weight loss routines is more than just cardio, to reach your optimum results there are several aspects that needs to be considered.

If your trying to lose weight for a while without reaching results, then maybe it’s time to ask your doctor if your medication or medical condition is preventing you from losing weight.

Weight loss is all about consistency and commitment and working out is a lifestyle.

How much exercise

Is recommended for weight loss?

This varies from one person to the other, depending on your target goal.

When it comes to weight loss there is no one answer, because there are allot, we should take into consideration such as; age, health status, etc.

Nutrition plays a very important role in weight loss, as a matter of fact 80% of a successful weight loss program is dedicated towards dieting and nutrition.

My goal is to make you reach best results, safely in the shortest time possible.

(Kick boxing, TRX routines available for weight loss)

How can I help you get on track?

Step 1

Complete body and health assessment.

Step 2

Customized routines, to only suit your personalized experience to reach the required goal.

Step 3

Generating a schedule for one on one training to executing the program.

Every session includes a warmup and a cool down, 55 minutes one on one, and a take homework out through the app is preferred.